Accessibility Process

Web Compliance Solutions was founded by a team of veteran lawyers and seasoned coders.

WCS follows a multifaceted, ongoing approach to ensure its Subscribers are making strong efforts towards web accessibility and ADA compliance. Here are some of the efforts WCS undertakes:

  1. Audits: WCS performs audits with both tools and through manual testing by people who are visually, hearing, and/or otherwise disabled. The W3 itself has stated, “No tool alone can determine if a site meets accessibility guidelines,” ( which is why WCS does not rely solely on tools when testing a site. 
  2. Manual Fixes: WCS presents items that need fixing, and developers can then manually update the code of the site to be more compliant.
  3. Plugins: Though plugins alone aren’t enough to prove sites are making efforts toward getting sites to be more compliant, they can aid in the overall plan. WCS recommends installing plugins that make navigating the site simple for those with specific needs.
  4. Historical Log and Quarterly Reports: One critical step towards accessibility and compliance is maintaining a record of the progress a site has been making towards becoming more compliant. WCS provides reports that show the recent steps are taken and the percentage of potential issues on sites so Subscribers can have a record of the progress.
  5. Up-To-Date Legal Research: The law surrounding the ADA’s application to websites is rapidly changing and is evolving in different ways in different jurisdictions. The lawyers on WCS’ team stay up to date with all new opinions at the state and appellate levels, and provide updates to Subscribers as well so WCS can adjust strategy as needed. WCS does not provide legal advice.
  6. Affidavit: In the event an inquiry is made regarding site accessibility, WCS can provide an affidavit identifying efforts undertaken.
  7. Badge: WCS provides a badge for Subscribers to place on their site confirming accessibility efforts. 
  8. Portal: WCS provides a portal that Subscribers can access detailing the historical efforts takens.

If you are a disabled person or need assistance accessing our website, please see our accessibility statement here.