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Our differentiator? We’re founded by a team of lawyers and
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ADA Compliance Strategies

360 degree strategies to improve your website’s compliance.

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Manual Auditing: Visual & Auditory

We don’t simply rely on unreliable tools to evaluate compliance. 

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Ongoing Monitoring

We match our strategies to the state of the law. 

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Defend Against Claims

Strategy implementation is the best defense. 

"Our team wanted to make our website more compliant, and we turned to WCS to help. "

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Improve your compliance and protect against claims.

Claims Defense

Improve ADA compliance and defend against claims.

ADA Compliant Assistance

Bishop v., Inc.


Bishop v., Inc. Defendant:, an American eCommerce and cloud computing company. Plaintiff: Cedric Bishop, a legally... Read More → Bishop v., Inc.

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Rest easy knowing your site is ADA compliant.

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