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How to Make My Website ADA Compliant

A company’s website is often its primary connection with customers. Whether you have a physical storefront or your business is conducted exclusively online, chances are that both your existing customers and potential customers frequently seek out information about your business through your company’s site. When thinking about the user experience associated with your site, it’s important to understand that not everyone processes the information you’ve provided online in the same way. Most sites are initially developed with the assumption that users are able-bodied. However, a significant minority of the population accessing your site is visually impaired, hearing impaired, and/or has other disabilities that make a traditional user experience difficult or impossible to navigate. It is for this reason that it’s critical for companies to question “How to make my website ADA compliant.” Not only does making a company’s website ADA compliant benefit a significant number of users, it also protects businesses that sell goods and/or services online from legal liability and other penalties associated with non-compliance.

“How to Make My Website ADA Compliant” - Basic Considerations

making a site ADA Compliant

The process of ensuring that a website is ADA compliant requires that multiple steps are taken over time. Initially, it’s important to review the website’s existing layout and plugin structure. It’s not generally necessary to add much physical content to a site or to significantly change its layout. Many disabled Americans have access to software that helps them to successfully navigate sites and make purchases in accordance with their unique needs for accommodation. It is usually just the responsibility of businesses to ensure that proper plugins (and other tweaks, that may include adding an accessibility page) are installed so that accommodation software can adequately read and process the content and navigability of that company’s site. Once a site is “up to code,” it then becomes important to take several steps (on an ongoing basis) to maintain compliance. Regular audits and subsequent updates help to ensure that the work completed during the initial compliance overhaul remains current. As accommodation technology evolves, so do ADA compliance requirements.

ADA Website Compliance Assistance Is Available

The process of ensuring that a company’s website is ADA compliant can be technical and relatively complex. However, our company understands what steps need to be taken to ensure compliance so that you don’t have to worry about the “nitty-gritty.” In addition to conducting an initial manual audit and providing you with a baseline review of what your site needs to achieve ADA compliance, we can provide you with quarterly evaluations and necessary updates to ensure that your site remains compliant as requirements evolve. You’ll also be provided with verification that we’ve taken necessary steps to achieve compliance and valuable reporting on a quarterly basis moving forward. ADA website compliance is not a straightforward process, but your company thankfully doesn’t have to navigate it alone. Schedule a consultation with our company today so that we can advise you of your options and provide knowledgeable guidance as we work to help you achieve and maintain compliance. 

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